Success stories: Zeo

Zeo is an online marketing firm based in Utrecht they are specialised in Online marketing and development of online stores and websites.

They've been using Happy Mood Score to get feedback from their employees and recently they’ve integrated the HMS metrics and peer-to-peer rewards tool into their own company mobile application using the API.

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Get feedback and reward your coworkers directly from Slack

Slack is an amazing tool for communication. Like Happy Mood Score is perfect for teams with remote workers or distributed teams. We have integrated both tools so now you can use Happy Mood Score inside Slack.

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New API available

Many companies use their own intranets to interact with their employees. An external application can be hard to integrate into their daily routines and workflows.
This is why we have created a brand new version of our A.P.I. Now you can integrate our employee feedback and engagement app into your company’s tools. Read More…