Import your team from Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a really good tool for project management. It’s very popular and a lot of companies use it. We think that it is a very good companion for Happy Mood Score, you can manage your team and your projects in a very efficient way.

Now you can import your team details (name and email) from Pivotal Tracker into Happy Mood Score. In just one simple step you will have all your team added to Happy Mood Score.

The process is very simple. First you need to add your Pivotal Tracker Token. You can find the Token at the bottom of your profile page on Pivotal Tracker. Here you can find how to get your token.

Once you have the token, you just need to paste it into the import form and press the “Update token” button.


After pressing the button you will see a list of all the projects you have active on Pivotal Tracker. You can import your team members from as many projects as you want. A team member can belong to more than one of the projects but don’t worry, we will only import it once.


After you press the “Import members” button you will get a message indicating how many team members have been added.

And that is all!. It’s that simple to import your team members from Pivotal Tracker into Happy Mood Score.

Now you have one of the best project management tools integrated with one of the best team management tool.

If you have any questions please contact us. We are always happy to help.

Happy Mood Score is a team management application especially designed for project managers or startups with distributed teams and remote workers. It’s free to use.