25 Active employees
Unlimited teams
Employee feedback
Peer-to-peer rewards
Ideas management
1 on 1 Planner
Gamification engine
API for custom integration
Each extra employee $1/mo
Create a 30 days free trial account.

No credit card required.

One plan. All features.

Forget about complex and expensive plans. We have just one plan with all features available for everybody. It cost $19.9 per month and it includes 25 employees. If you want more employees you can add as many as you want for only $1 per employee per month. Yes, It's that easy.

Create a 30 days free trial account.
No credit card required.

What happens when the trial ends? Will I be charged?

No. We don't ask you for your credit card details. We use Stripe as our payment processing company so we never have access to your credit card information. You can change to a paid account during the trial period or after the trial period has ended. When you upgrade to a paid account we will present you with a Stripe window where you can enter your payment information.

What is an active employee?

To avoid you having to paid for employees that are no longer working for your company we have active and archived employees. Active employees count against the total number of employees you can have but archived employees don't. You will still retain all the information about archived employees. At any moment you can turn any archived employee into active and viceversa.

I need more than 30 days to evaluate HMS

You've been busy and you didn't have time to evaluate HMS, don't worry. Just contact us and tell us. We'll be happy to extend your trial.