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Blue Sky Tax

How marbles made a business happy

It’s not a rocket science concept that happy employees are more productive than unhappy employees.
It is also well reported that 1 negative employee requires 4 positive employees to rebalance the equilibrium.
So, on the face of these simple ideas it’s pretty important to know whether your most important assets (your employees) are happy, engaged and loving coming to work.

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Recruiting Daily - William Tincup

100+ HR Technologies and Recruiting Tools Worth Watching in Q1 2017

These emerging entrants into the HR Technology market have effectively disrupted the more established, entrenched players, resulting in profound changes for organizational leaders and talent practitioners alike.

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Entrepreneur - Heather R. Huhman

Employees Don't Get Enough Sleep, and It's Your Fault

Doctors recommend eight solid hours of sleep each night, but workers aren’t clocking in. This lack of sleep is leaving employees less productive, unmotivated and more agitated with co-workers. So, who’s to blame?

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The Employee App - Heather Huhman

4 Ways to Make Workplace Email a Thing of the Past

Many professionals have a “can’t live with it, can’t live without it” relationship with email. But some employees are ready to consign email to the past. In a Unify survey that was released in March and included 9,000 workers from the United States, U.K., and Germany, 28 percent said that email was the tool they’d most like to see removed from the workplace.

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wwwhat's new - Juan Diego Polo

Happy Mood Score, una nueva herramienta para ayudar a las empresas a conocer el clima interno

Nos presentan Happy Mood Score como un proyecto que ayuda a los responsables de equipos y a los departamentos de recursos humanos a conocer cómo se encuentran sus empleados, algo necesario para empresas que tienen equipos distribuidos geográficamente o empleados que trabajan de forma remota.

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The favourite tool to get feedback and detect talent of remote workers and distributed teams.

Create an account and discover why Happy Mood Score is the tool of choice between startups, agile companies and team managers in charge of remote workers, digital nomads or distributed teams. Your team members will love it because it doesn't stand in the way. Forget long bored assessments nobody wants to fulfil. People can report their status and give feedback. It's fun, quick and convenient.

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