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Updating your mood status

Based on the frequency that your team manager has select (daily, weekly or monthly) we will send you an email asking you how was your day/week/month. You have three options:

  • As expected If things went as planned. You acomplished your goals, objectives, tasks, etc. and/or there were no unexpected issues.
  • Better than expected Select this option if you accomplished more than expected or things went particularly good.
  • Worse than expected Select this option if things didn't went as planned and you didn't achieve your goals or expectations.

After you click on an option you will be presented with the feedback screen where you can elaborate more about your selected choice.

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Send a message to your team manager explaining your vote. Explain how you feel, the main goals of your current work, objectives, tasks that you have accomplished during the period. Give info about what can be improved (or you can use the Ideas tool). Elaborate about what went wrong and why. All the information you give is confidential (only your team manager can see it).

A good feedback message should include:

  • Accomplishments Explain what your major accomplishments were since the last time you reported. Do not add too much detail here but do not explain things so high level than the team manager has no perspective on it.
  • Pending tasks If some tasks or activities planned for the period are still pending or will not be completed mention that explaining why.
  • Work planned for the next period Give a brief explanation of what you expect to accomplish during the next period.
  • Other information End your message with any other relevant information that you think it's relevant to your team manager even if it's not 100% related to your current project. Speak freely. The feedback you give is confidential.

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