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Team enagement

Based on the frequency you select: daily, weekly or monthly, we send an email to your team members asking them how was their day/week/month. They can vote for one of these three options: As expected, better than expected or worse than expected. Based on their votes we keep track of their mood status and present the information to you so you can easily know how your team is doing both globally as a team and individually.

Best tool for remote workers and distributed teams


Along with each vote employees can leave an optional feedback message. Feedback is not constrained to a predefined set of questions. It encourages employees to speak freely and confidentially. This is the kind offeedback team managers really need. You can easily detect problems and react before they spread accross the team and you can incentivate good practices that improve the morale. It proves itself very effective if you work with remote workers or distributed teams.

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Give your coworkers a high 5 and show appreciation

Peer-to-peer rewards (High 5)

Peer recognition is one of the most valuable forms of recognition between employees. As the team manager you will know who's been rewarded by their colleagues and why. Reward those who are good team players, helpful and proactive. Make talented people feel recognized and respected. Avoid loosing talent!

Leverage your team knowledge


Who knows a company better than the people working for it? But if you are a distributed company it can be difficult to ensure that everybody has a way of contributing. To avoid that problem we have created Ideas. Everybody can create ideas and vote or comment to ideas from other people. The perfect tool to exploit all the knowledge, creativity and experience of your team members.

Leverage your team knowledge

1 on 1 Planner

When you receive feedback from your team members there are always ideas, notes, comments, etc... that you want to mention in your next meeting. In Happy Mood Score you will find a 1 on 1 button next to each feedback message. With this button you can add notes or comments right there so you will always remember it. No need to jot down notes in a piece of paper or use any other external app. Keep your notes together in the right place.

Detailed stats for each team member

You are in control

Our dashboards help you stay in control about what is going on with your team and react just in time to avoid problems and foster good practices. You can check information both globally as a team and individually for each team member. Check the trends dashboard. All the information you need easy to find and to understand.

The favourite tool to get feedback and detect talent of remote workers and distributed teams.

Create an account and discover why Happy Mood Score is the tool of choice between startups, agile companies and team managers in charge of remote workers and distributed teams. Your team members will love it because it doesn't stand in the way. Forget long bored assessments nobody wants to fulfil. People can give feedback in a couple of clicks.

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