What is Happy Mood Score?

It's a team management tool focused on talent retention and employee engagement. It has a unique and simple approach where we proactively ask your team members how they are based on the frequency that you select: daily, weekly or monthly.

What is the Happy Mood Score metric?

Happy Mood Score or HMS is a metric that ranges from -10 up to 10. Negative numbers show that people are not happy doing their jobs. Check their feedback to know what is going wrong. Numbers closer to zero show that team members are doing fine. Their job is meeting their expectations. Positive numbers show that team members like what they are doing. Their job is going better than they'd expected.

I like HMS but I want to integrate it with my existing tools/intranet/backoffice/infrastructure

We have an API available which you can use to integrate Happy Mood Score into your existing solutions. Check the complete documentation to know how you can use the API and what you can do. If you still have doubts or problems plase send us an email to info [at] happymoodscore [dot] com.

Can I implement my own gamification/reward scheme?

We are working hard to make sure you can. We are improving the application with new capabilities to suite your needs. If there is anything special you need just let us know sending an email to info [at] happymoodscore [dot] com.

Can I contact you?

Absolutely, send us an email to: info [at] happymoodscore [dot] com.

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