team management main dashboard

Feedback & peer-to-peer rewards

Happy Mood Score provides you with all the information you need to help you manage your team. Get feedback, leverage the know-how of your team members, enable peer-to-peer rewards and improve your employees productivity and engagement. Avoid losing talent. Detect problems before they become an issue. Keep all your emloyees happy.

Features at a glance

You will have full controll of your team(s). Your employees will feel appreciated and more engaged.

Quick and simple. Easy to use.

Easy for you, easy for your employees. With just one click your employees can update their status and give feedback.

Social recognition.

We have included a powerful gamification mechanism to make sure your team members are engaged and get recognition.

Managers full in control.

It is not easy to manage remote workers or distributed teams. We've been there and we have created Happy Mood Score to simplify that.

Sense of community and appreciation.

Peer-to-peer rewards are the best form of recognition and appreciation.

Talent gets noticed.

Loosing talent sucks. We help you to make sure talent is detected and noticed.

Detect problems before it's too late.

With our dashboards, rankings and trends it is easy to keep track of possible disengaged people and react in time.

Highly motivated team members.

Keep employees motivated, focused and aligned with the company goals.

Fix bad practices. Encourage good ones.

Our feedback tool is the perfect way of tracking wrong practices and improve them.

A tool created by team managers for team managers

Managing a group of people is not easy. Add to the mix some members working remotely or distributed teams and things get complicated.

We have created Happy Mood Score to help you keep the team or teams in control. Get feedback, receive ideas, encourage peer-to-peer rewards and then check what is going on in an easy to read dashboard. Detect disengaged employees before it is too late, find out who is walking the extra mile...

Keep your team engaged. Gamification is included.

Gamification is a proven way of increase employees retention and engagement so we've included it in our tool. Every activity in H.M.S. is gamified and will allow the creator to gain badges, leveling up, rewards... And you can easily keep track of all of that.