Peer-to-peer recognition

Peer to peer rewards employee's ranking

One of the best forms of recognition at work is saying "Thank you" to our employees. But that works even better, and it's more appreciated when it's your team mates the ones who say "Thank you".

As a team manager you want to retain employees that are overachievers. Detect those walking the extra mile, being proactive, good team players, always happy to help their co-workers.

Companies in the top 20% for building a "recognition-rich culture" have 31% lower voluntary turnover rates!

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peer-to-peer rewards from Slack

Detect valuable workers

In Happy Mood Score they way of saying "Thank you" is by sending High 5s. A High 5 is a "Thank you" that one employee send to another. They are designed to foster collaboration, to increase engagement and to detect and recognise talent. You can even send High 5s from Slack with our Slack integration.

It's very common when people receive a "High 5" from a colleague to give another to the sender as a way of saying thanks. To avoid that type of behaviour that makes peer-to-peer rewards less useful in Happy Mood Score when you receive a High 5 you will be notified but you will not know who send it to you. This way High 5s serve their purpose of being an actual way of detecting talented people. You don't send a High 5 and expect another one in return. You are rewarding your co-workers because you truly think they deserve it.

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