New feature: Add another manager to your team

A heavily requested feature has been added to Happy Mood Score. Now there is a new role available called Manager.

Managers are almost as powerful as Team managers regarding what information they can see, also they can add new members to the team.

Here is a detailed explanation of what a manager can and cannot do.

What a manager can do/view:

  • The global dashboard with information about the global score, involvement, vote distribution and all recent activity.
  • Global stats with vote distribution, involvement and global score both monthly and weekly.
  • Team ranks with lists of high/low ranked employees based on their global score and involvement.
  • All feedback from any employee.
  • All Hi 5 (peer-to-peer recognition) received by any team member. Who’s the receiver and who’s the sender and the comments given by the sender.
  • All activity both globally or filtered by employee.
  • Add new employees, upgrade and downgrade employees to managers.

What a manager cannot do:

  • Change the company info.
  • Change the company settings: frequency, day and time where votes are delivered.
  • Downgrade a Team Manager. A Manager can upgrade and downgrade other managers but the Team manager cannot be downgraded by anyone.

How to upgrade a user to Manager

First thing you need to do is to visit the employees page, which you can find in the settings menu options (top right corner).

You will see the list of the current active employees and in the right part you will find a button called “Promote to manager” (see image arrow #1), just click that button and the selected employee will become a manager. Changes will be effective immediately.

Once the employee has been upgraded you can, anytime, change the permission and downgrade the employee. Just click the “Downgrade to user” (see image arrow #2) and changes will be effective immediately.


As always thank you very much for using Happy Mood Score. Enjoy this new feature and please let us know any comments or suggestions you may have.

Happy Mood Score is a tool that helps companies with remote employees, digital nomads or distributed teams to keep track of their employees. It’s the best talent retention tool for startups and agile companies. And it’s free so please give it a try and create your account.