How to manage remote workers. Learning from the experts.

Hiring people is not an easy process. Hiring remote workers makes things even harder. For many companies “Seeing is believing” and they find disturbing the fact that some of their workers will never set foot in the office.

On the other side, if you think about it, there are many companies that have been hiring remote workers since long time ago. A lot of companies owed their success to their remote workforce and more precisely sales people.

Sales departments are pioneers in managing remote workers. There are many profitable companies that have been working with remote sales people for decades. Those people seldom visited the office, maybe once a year for the annual company meeting, but not much more.

We are not discovering anything new today. People have been working remotely for decades with great success. What is happening today is that technology is making more and more jobs suitable to be performed remotely.

Many companies that are wondering if they should jump into the remote working wagon have the answer inside their own company. In the sales department to be precise.

For the last 4 months, I’ve been sending e-mails to all the managers of the sales department that I have had the chance. Many of them have been working with remote workers since long time ago.

The most important thing for managing remote workers: Continuous feedback.

Where I live there are a lot of wineries and they are a good example of this. Many of them have employees that live outside of the region where the winery is. They visit the headquarters once, maybe twice a year, usually inviting customers to visit the winery.

When we decide to shift Happy Mood Score from being not only a tool to measure employee engagement but a tool that helps companies to manage their remote workforce I asked sales managers what they need the most to be successful at managing their remote workers.

Their answers were almost the same: Continuous feedback.

Feedback is the most valuable asset for them. They don’t have a formal process for this. They use a mix of telephone calls, email, report templates but they all want to keep close contact with their employees. It’s not enough to have a spreadsheet with sales, forecasts, weekly, monthly, quarterly….

They want to know how things are doing, what their impressions are, how things are going in their region/country…
In some cases, the sales manager visit each and all of them every year to gather this feedback first hand.

This is why we have put a massive amount of effort making sure Happy Mood Score is the easiest tool a company can employ to get feedback from their remote workers.

With the number of Digital Nomads growing every month many startups are now facing the same needs as sales departments had long time ago.

We have learned from the experts and now we are ready to help others. Create your account.